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Top of Foundation

If the top of the foundation of your Saint Louis home lies below the surface of the ground, water will often buildup along the outside of your home and leak over the foundation into the basement. We can provide you with foundation waterproofing to combat this issue. This usually requires an external barrier to be installed to waterproof the foundation. It can also be an indication that you have yard drainage or grading issues that need to be taken care of. When water pools up in low lying spots on your lawn, the moisture will eventually seep into the soil and find its way into your basement through cracks in the walls and floors. We can take care of grading issues, and also install French drains outside the home to help with drainage so water can’t pool up and cause issues. Check out our service area to see if we do work in your community.

By working from the exterior of your home, Mid America Piering is able to avoid disturbing the interior of your basement completely. We take great care to maintain the appearance of your exterior landscaping, and use minimal excavation techniques to install a waterproof membrane. The membrane ensures that water buildup around your home will not reach the top of the foundation, and will instead be drained naturally, or with assistance from a drainage pipe system.

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