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Floor Crack

Although it is very common for concrete basement floors to crack, the presence of hydrostatic pressure can cause water to seep up and into the basement environment. Check out our service area to see if we do work in your community.

Generally, the concrete floor of a basement provides no structural support for a foundation, and small cracks can be ignored. However, water pressure can build up under the floor and seep through the cracks. If this is the case, Mid America Piering recommends an interior drainage system in conjunction with a sump pump to provide floor crack waterproofing. This will alleviate water pressure and solve the floor crack problem, rather than simply patch it.

It is important to prevent seepage in the basement since it can trigger a variety of other issues. This moisture can damage anything it comes in contact with, including family heirlooms, antiques, sports gear, holiday decorations, or anything else you may have stored in your basement environment. Additionally, all of this moisture can trigger the growth and development of dangerous mold. Mold can make your family really sick and cause problems for your Saint Louis home’s indoor air quality.

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