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Their price was reasonable compared to other quotes. The) showed up on the date promised. The work was noisy and dirt as one would expect. They did a good job of cleaning up every day. The job took longer than promised: 5 days instead of the 2-3 estimate but that was not a problem for me. l would rather have it done right than rushed. My sump and pump had to be relocated slightly because of one of the piers. This was done satisfactorily. One nitpick is that I was expected to tear d0wn a stone planter in front of the chimney, 10 minutes with their jackhammer would have done the trick. This cost me extra money to have done. Of course. the real ‘quality’ of the work won’t be known for some time. If there is no more settling, then the work was good! Because all the piers and foundation brackets are now buried (which is normal). there’s no way to know if they fail.