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Noticed signs of settling on my home (doors not closing. cracks in the drywall. windows not opening. drywall seems separating. widen foundation cracks. etc.). This was the second repair company I contacted for a proposal. Gentleman called when he was on his way and arrived on time. I was given essentially the same repair plan as the first company with mo very notable exceptions. I) Was told that piers can be placed 8ft apart rather than 6ft which reduces the cost overall. 1) All holes are hand dug rather than using a mini-excavator as the first company wanted to do which greatly reduces the yard damage. Overall this company had the better proposal and was even aboui l /3 cheaper on price. Was rold repair could start in about 5 weeks. However. work didn’t start for almost 12 weeks and this was really my only complaint with the company. In their defense there were several rain events which really slowed down their , work and I myself was responsible for 2 postponements (had I been available work would have begun at 9 weeks). 1 just felt that the) could have done better communicating schedule to me. but 1 had to call several times for updates. Once the work begun the project foreman walked through the project with me. Some of the piers would be installed inside since the basement was unfinished while some were outside (inside or outside was somewhat of a judgement call with my input depending on the depth of hole to dig outside to reach the footing of the foundation – inside isn’t always easier either as the) have to break through concrete. remove gravel, then backfill gravel, and repour concrete). The) tried to plan their work according to the weather forecast which was quite rainy. When it was time to begin lifting the foundation they requested that r be there as they’d need to be in the mai11 floor of the house to check windows and doors. The work was loud at times of course. It took about 9 working days to complete the project. I live in Lhe t. Charles area and all the piers reached a depth of about 25-30ft (there is an extra charge beyond 30ft). The 3 large cracks in the foundation were filled with epoxy and no water has leaked in since. Everything was cleaned up very well. The pier installation appeared to be successful and the doors and windows are now squared up again and even up and close easily. Time will tell if the fix is permanent. but the company does guarantee the work. Overall I am very happy with the company.