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A great story…I had water issues in the basement of a house we bought and thought the only way to stop the problem was by installing a waterproofing drain tile system. At least that is what the first two companies that came out to analyze the issue told me. I had seen a lot of tv and radio ads for these two companies so I assumed they were honest..I’m so glad I got a 3rd opinion. I found MidAmerica on a web search. After Steve reviewed with me the past history of when and where the seepage was happening in my basement, he suggested I first do downspout extensions to see if diverting the water from the roof when it rained hard might stop the water from getting into the basement. A simple fix I did not think would help. I tried it, and it worked. I was ready to spend about 7 grand and due to this company did not have to because of them helping me rather than just selling me something I really did not need. WOW – thank you and please know I truly appreciate how you do business.