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Slab Jack Piers for Concrete Leveling in St. Louis

Sometimes slab settlement cannot be corrected by pressure grouting alone. When the sub-grade underneath the slab becomes saturated from leaking pipes or the level of un-compacted fill is very high, the slab can continue to settle even after being pressure grouted. Mid America Piering can solve this problem with piers outfitted with a special bracket designed to go through the problem soils and bear the weight of the slab on a permanent anchoring system.

First, a hole must be cored through the slab to accept the pier. Next, the pier is advanced through the fill, or saturated zone, and into dry, firm, stable, load-bearing soil. Then, a special bracket, designed to support a section of the surrounding slab, is attached to the top of the pier shaft and the bracket is used to lift the slab back into place. Finally, the void under the slab is filled with grout and the core holes are patched.

The slab is then strategically raised and stabilized.

No stabilization system is better than the engineering and manufacturing competence that went in the equipment and materials used or the integrity of the company and crew doing the actual piering. All Mid America components are engineer design and approved. Our hydraulic equipment is manufactured exclusively for us, to our specifications and is unequaled in the industry. Our foundation piering system can be installed quickly and easily with little excavation and no heavy equipment and our results are guaranteed. Check out our Saint Louis service area to see if we do work in your community.

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If you have noticed settlement issues in your home, contact our experts. We can help you by providing a free estimate on foundation piering and settlement repair for your home. Get in touch by filling out our online contact form, or by calling our experts at 314-428-2324.