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Professional Foundation Settlement Repair in St. Louis

Foundation Settlement Repair - Foundation Piering Our team at Mid America Piering has been helping homeowners in St Louis protect their homes from settlement damage for years. Our team specializes in providing immediate repairs for any settlement issues you may be experiencing. From wall cracks to bowed walls and sinking, we can help you with anything.

Our team uses a specially designed product for foundation piering that was created to address the foundation issues that St. Louis homeowners experience. These piers are built tougher than any pier on the market.

What Causes Foundation Settlement in St. Louis?

Through our years of experience our team has come to identify many issues that can cause foundation settlement. Most often settlement occurs when the soil underneath the foundation was not properly compacted as the home was being built. As the home sits on its foundation over time the soil begins to compact more causing one or more of your foundation walls to sink into the ground. Another common issue in St. Louis is poor soil quality. Because St. Louis soil has a lot of clay in it, when it is wet or rains for long periods of time the clay becomes soft, compacting as the weight of your house sits on it. 

How to Identify Foundation Settlement In your home

Foundation settlement can appear in several ways around your home. The most common are cracked drywall, sticky windows and doors, and wall cracks in your basement which can lead to basement waterproofing issues. Settlement causes stress on your home and the structure that supports the walls. This means that if your home is experiencing settlement, it can become unsafe to live in. That’s why our experts offer foundation settlement repair, to help protect your home and your family from foundation issues. Look below at our list of signs to see if you may have settlement issues in your home.

  • Sticky windows and doors
  • Cracked drywall
  • Stairstep cracks in brick
  • Stairstep cracks in block foundations
  • Sinking foundation walls
  • Wall cracks in your basement

How Do We Repair Foundation Settlement?

Our team at Mid America Piering uses specially designed and manufactured foundation piers to help support your home and stabilize any sinking that may have been happening. Our steel foundation piers are round mechanical tubing of 1015 – 1020 carbon steel, three-inch diameter with .134 and .250 inch wall thickness. Each steel pier is designed to support more than the total load placed on it and each piering system is designed specifically for the structure it will support. Mid America Piers are field-tested for load strength and have been used to depths over 100 feet to not only stop vertical settlement but to actually raise and realign heavy structures. Thicker tubing, designed to individual specifications allows us to accommodate heavier than normal building loads.

The Mid America Piering System

The Mid America Piering System uses steel brackets to support the piers used to stabilize a structure. Brackets installed under the footing and the steel piers are driven through the round steel weldment attached to each bracket. We have several types of foundation structural support brackets available for various types of foundation walls and footings. Each bracket design has been lab and field-tested.

No stabilization system is better than the engineering and manufacturing competence that went in the equipment and materials used or the integrity of the company and crew doing the actual piering. All Mid America components are engineer design and approved. Our hydraulic equipment is manufactured exclusively for us, to our specifications and is unequaled in the industry. Our piering system can be installed quickly and easily with little excavation and no heavy equipment and our results are guaranteed.

Contact Our Experts For Foundation Settlement Repair in St. Louis

If you have noticed settlement issues in your home, contact our experts. We can help you by providing a free estimate on foundation piering and settlement repair for homes in the St. Louis area. Get in touch by filling out our online contact form, or by calling our experts at 314-428-2324.