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Bowed and Leaning Wall Repair Services in St. Louis

A buckling foundation and bowed walls are common problems for homes built in the St. Louis area. Your basement walls serve two main purposes; to keep your basement free of the surrounding soil and to hold up the structure of your home. If you have noticed bowed or buckling basement walls, then both of those functions can be compromised, leading to much bigger problems and potentially expensive damage to your home.

Our experts at Mid America Piering understand that bowed or leaning foundation walls are a serious problem and have the experience and tools needed to repair your bowed walls. If you think you have bowed basement walls in your home, contact our experts, we can help you determine what you might need to have the issue corrected.

What Causes Bowed or Leaning Basement Walls in St. Louis?

When your basement walls are bowing, buckling, or leaning inward it is likely caused by one issue. This issue is Hydrostatic pressure. Hydrostatic pressure refers to the forces exerted on your basement walls by the soil and water that surrounds your home. When it rains heavily the soil around your home becomes saturated with water, usually caused by poor yard drainage. This water adds weight to the soil and forces pressure on the walls of your basement. Over time this pressure can cause the walls to crack and buckle inward weakening the structure of your home and potentially causing basement water leaks.

How We Repair Bowed Foundation Walls

There are several ways to repair bowed basement walls. Each has its specific uses depending on the level of damage and the wall type. Read below to learn more.

Wall Anchors

In order to properly repair a bowing or buckling basement wall, we will install what are known as wall anchors. These are a 3 part system consisting of 2 plates and a long connecting rod. We start by driving a long steel rod into the ground through a hole we drill in your foundation wall. The first plate is driven into the ground outside your home, 10-15 feet from your basement wall to ensure it is driven into virgin, undisturbed soil and over the rod we’ve placed through the ground. The second plate is inside your basement, attached to the rod (which is anchored on the outside plate) and slowly tightened to pull your bowing wall back into place. The tightening may require multiple trips for our team to tighten the plate and ensure your wall is back in its original location properly supporting your home.

Helical Tiebacks

This is a proven method to restore bowed walls back to original position and can be installed quickly in your structure. The tieback anchor is installed horizontally through the foundation or retaining wall and driven to an engineered specification and required torque. Then a steel wall bracket is installed on the wall to divert and distribute the pressure.

This system provides a quick and easy installation, it is portable, and can be installed in contained areas. We can restore the wall back to it’s original position and stabilize it against future movement.

Contact Our Experts for Bowed Foundation Wall Repair in St. Louis

If you have noticed that your basement walls are bowed or buckling inward contact our experts. We can help you identify any problems with your foundation. Get a free estimate on bowed wall repair in St. Louis by filling out online contact form, or by calling our experts at 314-428-2324.