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Our team at Mid America Piering is one of the oldest foundation repair companies in St. Louis. We offer professional foundation repair services for wall cracksfoundation settlementstreet creep, and a variety of other foundation problems for St. Louis area homeowners. We will help you identify the causes of your foundation issues to ensure that we provide the best solution possible. Contact our experts to get started on your foundation repairs today.

The foundation of your home is one of the most essential pieces of your home. In St. Louis, there are a couple of types of foundations. These include cinder blocks, stone, and poured concrete foundations. Regardless of the type of foundation, they all serve the same purpose and need to be kept stable and level to perform properly. If there are problems with your home’s foundation, it can make your home dangerous to live in and they need to be repaired quickly.

Foundation Settlement Repair St. Louis

Our Foundation Repair Services

Our team offers various foundation services, including foundation piering, bowed wall repair, new construction piering, and more. We have been helping homeowners across the St. Louis area since 1986 to repair and prevent structural problems with their properties. Click an image below to learn more about our foundation repair services. 

Why Choose Us As Your Foundation Repair Company in St. Louis?

Since 1986 our team at Mid America Piering has been providing professional foundation repair, foundation piering, and bowed wall repair services to home and business owners across the St. Louis area. We strive to provide a 100% satisfactory customer experience with every project. When it comes to the safety of those on your property, we are the answer. 

Our experts have years of experience helping homeowners choose the right solutions for their foundation problems. If you are looking for a reliable foundation repair or basement waterproofing contractor in St. Louis, we can help. Contact our experts today to get an inspection and estimate on foundation repair for your property. 

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Common Foundation Problems in St. Louis

Several issues can occur with your foundation. These include bowed basement walls, foundation cracking, and foundation settlement. Each issue has its solution and must be repaired as soon as possible. Read below for more information on identifying these issues in your home.

Foundation Settlement Issues

Foundation settlement occurs when the soil underneath your foundation has been washed away or was improperly compacted during construction. While settlement usually takes time to manifest in your home you can begin by watching for cracks in your drywall, stairstep cracks in your brick, and hard-to-open windows or doors. Our team repairs foundation settlement with foundation piers. We’ve been installing foundation piers since 1986. These are the best indicators to look for if your foundation has settled. 

Warning signs

If you notice any of these in your home, contact our experts immediately.

  • Obvious sinking of your foundation walls

  • Exterior or interior cracks

  • Doors and windows hard to open or close

  • Chimney leaning or pulling away from the home

  • Bowed walls in your basement

Bowed Basement Walls

Bowed walls are usually the easiest to identify of all basement problems. It occurs most frequently in homes with cinder block or stone foundations but is just as likely to occur in homes with a poured concrete foundation. Be sure to inspect your basement walls every year for signs of bowing. If you notice that your walls are leaning into your home contact our experts. We can help you repair and strengthen your basement walls so that bowing cannot occur again. In addition to this bowed basement walls can often cause wall cracks and foundation leaks. Keep an eye out for water and cracks in your basement.

Foundation Wall Cracks

The last sign of foundation damage on your home is cracked basement walls. This can occur on both block and poured foundations. One of the most obvious signs of wall cracks is, well, a crack in your foundation. Wall cracks are typically repaired with epoxy injection, but if the crack is large and at risk of spreading our team will also use a carbon fiber patch to repair the crack. Be sure to keep an eye out for water leaks in your basement near cracks this could be a sign that you need a waterproofing system installed.

Street Creep

Our team at Mid America Piering also has a lot of customers approach us with concrete issues. However, most are not aware that their issue is actually caused by street creep. Street creep is often referred to as concrete creep and is the result of the movement and expansion of concrete because of thermal fluctuations throughout the year. Keep an eye on the concrete foundation around your home for signs of street creep such as bowed walls, wall cracks, and expansion joint issues. If you have questions about street creep contact our team.

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If you have noticed any of the issues above in your home, contact our experts. We can provide you with a free estimate and quote on foundation repairs for St. Louis area homeowners. You can reach our team by filling out our online contact form, or by calling our experts at 314-428-2324.