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Yard Drainage Solutions in St. Louis

Poor Yard Drainage Some waterproofing issues are not caused by interior problems and cannot be solved by interior waterproofing solutions. Our team at Mid America Piering has the experience needed to help you determine the cause of any waterproofing issue and which solution will work best for your home.

Often when people think of basement waterproofing, they think of interior drain systems and sump pumps. However, in some cases, especially in cases where water is coming in above the top of the foundation, it may be possible to keep water away from your home by having your yard graded and properly drained.

How Improper Yard Grading Can Lead to A Wet Basement

When it is raining often the water soaks into the soil and drains off your yard into drainage systems. However, if your yard does not properly drain it can be a cause of several basement waterproofing and foundation issues. These include wall cracks, bowed walls, top of foundation leaks, window well leaks, and foundation settlement.

When water cannot properly drain from your yard often it ends up against the house and saturating the soil around your foundation. This added weight to the soil can cause a large amount of stress on your foundation causing wall cracks and bowed walls, both of which can lead to waterproofing issues. In addition to this, when your yard is improperly graded water can build up against your foundation and flood over the top or in through gaps in your window wells. Having proper yard drainage and grading can help with this.

Yard Drainage

How Do Yard Drainage Systems Work

Yard drainage can be a very simple concept, prepare your yard in such a way that when it rains heavily water is directed away from your house and drained properly. However, there are two main types of yard drainage solutions that can go a long way to solving your waterproofing issues. French drains and yard grading.

French Drainage Systems

French drains are commonly referred to as in-ground drains . Most of the time they consist of a downspout extensions that are laid at a slight angle through your drainage path to collect water and direct It away from your home. This perforated pipe serves as a path of least resistance for water that is in your yard and ensures that the water cannot saturate the soil close to your home. Protecting your home from potential water intrusion and foundation issues.

Yard Grading

Yard grading is essentially how the ground slopes in your yard. Generally, most home builders and landscaping companies recommend 2% or more grade to your yard to help direct water away from your home. However, even though your yard may have a proper grade it may still have grading issues. Overflow from gutters and improper placement of downspouts can erode the ground around your foundation causing grading issues right against your foundation. This depression can fill with water causing the top of foundation leads and saturate the soil directly against your home leading to bowed walls and wall cracks. Having a properly graded yard can help keep your home dry and safe.

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