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Interior Basement Waterproofing Services in St. Louis

During any time of the year, water in your basement is a serious concern. Our team at Mid America Piering knows this. We know that keeping your home safe and dry is the key to having a healthy home for you and your family. That’s why we offer professional basement waterproofing services for homeowners in the St. Louis area.

Water can enter your basement after heavy rain in several ways, including over the top of the foundation, through the cove joint, thorough foundation cracks, and through your window wells. A flooded basement can cause a lot of expensive damage, including wood rot to support beams and floor joists which could cause major structural issues for your home. Our team solves basement waterproofing differently depending on the cause of the problem. For instance, some water intrusions in your basement can be repaired with interior solutions while others that are caused by insufficient yard drainage may require an exterior waterproofing method.

What Causes Water Leaks Inside Of Your Basement?

Water in your basement can be caused by floor drains, basement window leaks, wall and floor cracks, and cove joint leaks. For most of these issues, we recommend installing an interior drain system to catch and remove the water before it enters your basement.

Floor Drains

Any hole in your basement can be a cause of leaks in your home, and most homes in St. Louis have floor drains installed that can be used to drain excess water from the home. In most cases these are never the cause for water in your basement, however in some instances when the soil around your home is saturated it can cause water intrusion into your basement.

Basement Window Leaks

Along the same lines as floor drains, window wells are a must for any basement in St. Louis. However, depending on the age of your window wells the seals may have become deteriorated, or foundation settlement could cause gaps to appear that will allow water into your basement. Our team installs window well drains to specifically combat this issue and to keep water form coming into your basement through your window wells.

Wall and Floor Cracks

Cracks in your basement walls and floors can be a sign of significant foundation settlement or an abundance of hydrostatic pressure from water saturation in the soil surrounding your home. Even the smallest cracks can allow water into your basement. Our team repairs wall and floor cracks with a specialized polyurethane injection system and strengthens cracks in walls with a carbon fiber and epoxy sealing system.

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Other Common Basement Waterproofing Problems

How We Waterproof Your Basement

Our team at Mid America Piering has helped homeowners across St. Louis waterproof their basements for years, and while not all causes may be the same, generally we find there are few ways to better prevent  basement leaks than by installing a drain tile system and a sump pump. Our drain tile system is designed to fit around the interior perimeter of your basement, underneath the foundation. By installing it underneath the foundation our drain tile can collect water searching for a way into your home before it finds any place to enter. The drain tile then directs the water to an in-ground sump pump that removes the water from your home and allows it to drain away from your foundation.

These systems are specifically designed to keep basements dry no matter how much rain falls around your home. When installed correctly they can even allow you to finish your basement without worrying about future leaks or damage behind the walls.

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If you notice water in your basement do not hesitate to get in touch with our experts. We can provide you with an inspection and estimate on interior basement waterproofing to protect your home. You can get in touch today by calling our team at 314-428-2324 or by filling out our online contact form.