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Waterproof Basement Wall Coverings - Durashield

MidAmerica is a proud Durashield dealer. Durashield is a patented technology that adheres to existing walls, providing affordable and lasting waterproofing solutions to homeowners in the greater Saint Louis area. These panels can be used to protect a variety of foundation types such as clay, brick and even stone.

If you have noticed moisture in your basement, it is imperative that you call us today to schedule a free instillation. Acting swiftly to waterproof your home can save you from the headache of mold, wood rot, and many other issues that you find with persistent moisture. Keeping your home efficiently waterproofed will not only keep your home safe but will also keep your family safe. Moisture causes issues such as dangerous mold growth which can put your family at risk for serious health issues.

Some signs that you have moisture penetration would be:

  • If you notice wet spots
  • If you notice a musty smell
  • If you notice cracking in your foundational walls

Installing these panels provide homeowners with not only a lasting waterproofing solution, but a vapor barrier to combat moisture. Having these put in your home will ultimately stop moisture from penetrating your basement while giving it a stylized finished appearance. Our team at MidAmerica will be able to not only determine if this is the correct solution for you but will also be able to install the Durashield panels quickly and efficiently.

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Call our specialists at MidAmerica today to schedule a free consultation. With years of experience in waterproofing and Durashield installation, you do not want to wait. You can get in touch today by calling our team at 314-428-2324 or by filling out our online contact form.