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Mid America Piering Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Average rating for Mid America Piering is 5 stars of 5 stars – based on 46 reviews

Foundation Repair

We had to install piers to lift up part of our foundation that was sinking. Steve and Lisa were great to work with. We obtained 4 estimates and mid America had the best price

Joe F. - Town And Country, MO 63017

Foundation Piering

Our home was settling in one of the corners. The Mid America guys were really professional and did the foundation piering work just as they had it outlined in the work proposal. I found them on Angies List and was satisfied with the whole process. Dealing directly with the owner gave us some peace of mind as well.

Dan G. - Ballwin, MO 63021

Basement Waterproofing

A great story…I had water issues in the basement of a house we bought and thought the only way to stop the problem was by installing a waterproofing drain tile system. At least that is what the first two companies that came out to analyze the issue told me. I had seen a lot of tv and radio ads for these two companies so I assumed they were honest..I’m so glad I got a 3rd opinion. I found MidAmerica on a web search. After Steve reviewed with me the past history of when and where the seepage was happening in my basement, he suggested I first do downspout extensions to see if diverting the water from the roof when it rained hard might stop the water from getting into the basement. A simple fix I did not think would help. I tried it, and it worked. I was ready to spend about 7 grand and due to this company did not have to because of them helping me rather than just selling me something I really did not need. WOW – thank you and please know I truly appreciate how you do business.

John S. - Kirkwood, MO 63122

Foundation Settlement Repair

Our house had settlement and was sinking all along the corner near the garage. Steve came out and did a great job explaining the problem and provided a reasonable solution. These guys are good at what they do and did everything as promised. Installation team was polite and did a great job on the clean up.

Angela E. - Saint Louis, MO 63122

Foundation Repair

In 2012 we had the piers installed under our home because the soil was moving and causing the house to settle. Steve and his team installed six steel piers and lifted up the foundation back to it’s original height. The process was expensive but the result was it put our house on a solid footing again.

We shopped all the big foundation repair companies and the small ones and found the Mid America Piering to be the most knowledgeable and easy to work with for this job

Lisa R. - Saint Charles, MO 63303

Basement Waterproofing

Finally we have a leaky basement no more thanks to Rick and his staff. For years I lived with a basement that leaked like a sieve every time it would rain hard. Very pleased with both the initial experience and the whole installation process. We shopped around and get 5 bids and Mid America (though not the lowest quote) really had the experience we were looking for in a contractor. They are a smaller family owned business with a long history of doing work and their references checked out great. I’d recommend them.

Terry H. - Saint Louis, MO 63021

Basement Waterproofing

Living with a wet basement gets old in a hurry – when we bought our house there were occasional puddles of water on the basement floor but in the past six months it became like a lake every time it rained – one call to Mid America and we had a solution. Steve came up did a very professional job explaining how a drain tile and sump work together in diverting the water. We have had zero water in the basement since we did the work about 18 months back

Time S. - Kirkwood, MO 63122

Foundation Repair

Good friendly business.

Tyler B. - Saint Peters, MO 63376

Foundation Repair

We are in the process of buying a home that this company repaired around 20 years ago. At that time, they warranted their work for the life of the home. When I called to confirm the warranty, Rick called me back in a timely fashion. Although his tone is somewhat brusk, he was able to communicate to me what I needed after the current owner called and gave him permission to do so. If you find yourself in this situation, make sure to get a “warranty transfer sheet” and fill it out within 30 days of closing. Thanks again, Rick!

Cynthia C. - Kirkwood, MO 63122

Bowed Wall Repair

I’ve used Mid America Piering over the past few years for different projects. Rick, along with his workers, have always been polite and professional. I am happy with all of the work that has been performed.

Shawn - Ballwin, Mo 63021

Basement Waterproofing

Their price was competitive. The interaction was fine, but I chose not to proceed. There was nothing I disliked. They returned my call and came out. They were responsive. I would recommend giving them a call.

Kevin K. - University City, MO 63130

Foundation Repair

Their price was reasonable compared to other quotes. The) showed up on the date promised. The work was noisy and dirt as one would expect. They did a good job of cleaning up every day. The job took longer than promised: 5 days instead of the 2-3 estimate but that was not a problem for me. l would rather have it done right than rushed. My sump and pump had to be relocated slightly because of one of the piers. This was done satisfactorily. One nitpick is that I was expected to tear d0wn a stone planter in front of the chimney, 10 minutes with their jackhammer would have done the trick. This cost me extra money to have done. Of course. the real ‘quality’ of the work won’t be known for some time. If there is no more settling, then the work was good! Because all the piers and foundation brackets are now buried (which is normal). there’s no way to know if they fail.

Mark L. - Manchester, MO 63021

Basement Waterproofing

I called their office, and they came out a couple of days later to give me a bid. They were very knowledgeable and excellent. It was good service and they were here on time.

Yvette H. Bridgeton, MO 63044

Basement Waterproofing

The salesman was very knowledgeable and very helpful. Worked with the office to get the installation scheduled. Installers came and completed the work.

Brandon W. - Saint Louis, MO 63021

Foundation Repair

Noticed signs of settling on my home (doors not closing. cracks in the drywall. windows not opening. drywall seems separating. widen foundation cracks. etc.). This was the second repair company I contacted for a proposal. Gentleman called when he was on his way and arrived on time. I was given essentially the same repair plan as the first company with mo very notable exceptions. I) Was told that piers can be placed 8ft apart rather than 6ft which reduces the cost overall. 1) All holes are hand dug rather than using a mini-excavator as the first company wanted to do which greatly reduces the yard damage. Overall this company had the better proposal and was even aboui l /3 cheaper on price. Was rold repair could start in about 5 weeks. However. work didn’t start for almost 12 weeks and this was really my only complaint with the company. In their defense there were several rain events which really slowed down their , work and I myself was responsible for 2 postponements (had I been available work would have begun at 9 weeks). 1 just felt that the) could have done better communicating schedule to me. but 1 had to call several times for updates. Once the work begun the project foreman walked through the project with me. Some of the piers would be installed inside since the basement was unfinished while some were outside (inside or outside was somewhat of a judgement call with my input depending on the depth of hole to dig outside to reach the footing of the foundation – inside isn’t always easier either as the) have to break through concrete. remove gravel, then backfill gravel, and repour concrete). The) tried to plan their work according to the weather forecast which was quite rainy. When it was time to begin lifting the foundation they requested that r be there as they’d need to be in the mai11 floor of the house to check windows and doors. The work was loud at times of course. It took about 9 working days to complete the project. I live in Lhe t. Charles area and all the piers reached a depth of about 25-30ft (there is an extra charge beyond 30ft). The 3 large cracks in the foundation were filled with epoxy and no water has leaked in since. Everything was cleaned up very well. The pier installation appeared to be successful and the doors and windows are now squared up again and even up and close easily. Time will tell if the fix is permanent. but the company does guarantee the work. Overall I am very happy with the company.

James G. - Saint Charles, MO 63301

Basement Waterproofing

They were easy to work with, professional, and worked hard. They did a great job cleaning up before leaving.

Sharon G. - Saint Louis, MO 63141

Sump Pump Installation

They were fine. They explained everything to me.

Helen V. University City, MO 63130

Basement Waterproofing

Excellent experience. Their estimator was prompt, professional, and very informative. The work was done in a very professional manner and since then we have not had a drop of water leaking in our basement (and there have been many heavy rains to test their work) A previous company tried for several months to fix the cracks and still were not successful. Mid America Piering came and sealed everything up in a few hours. Great work! Would highly recommend them to anyone with basement leakage problems.

Kenneth and Cynthia L. - Kirkwood, MO 63122

Foundation Repair

Steve came out and told me the truth about the foundation. His company could fix two of the four walls. One wall didn’t need repair. The other wall could not be repaired because of the neighboring driveway. Also, the cost for repair would not be worth it. It would be more cost-effective to knock the house down.

Syma W. - Bridgeton, MO 63044

Foundation Repair

They came out, gave a bid, and got the bid. I went with them because they were cheaper per pier, and they are highly rated on Angie’s list. I would use them in the future.

Craig G. - Saint Louis, Mo 63021

Foundation Repair

I can’t really say anymore. I did get several bids from different companies, but my neighbors had used them and liked them, and their bid was satisfactory.

Marry Ann M. - Kirkwood, MO 63122

Concrete Leveling

Very professional and personable service. They showed up right ou time. cleaned up site and the work comes with a 3 year guarantee.

Ashley M. - Manchester, MO 63021

Foundation Repair

They did real good for me. I had no problem with them. No more siding on that side. After J had pins on each side. I had to have a new garage door put in. and my garage door wouldn’t go down because the pins were on the side. Their quality is good. They came in early in the morning when they said they were going to be here. They did the work. cleaned up. They were just great.

Brenda S. - Saint louis, MO 63141

Concrete Leveling

My experience with them went very well. Their price was very competitive.

David B. - Saint Charles, MO 63301

Foundation Repair

It went very well. I called Mid America to look at this wall when I was thinking of buying the house. Rick came out on very short notice to look at the issue and give me a quote. Their quick response and evaluation of the problem was one of the reasons we decided to buy the home. Mid America’s repair crew came at the appointed time. The two young men who came worked very hard all day digging and setting the piers. There were no more complications or changes to the original quote or evaluation. They cleaned up after themselves and now my wall is stable.

Michael J. - Bridgeton, MO 63044

Foundation Repair

Steve came to the house and inspected the situation in detail, explaining to us what he saw. We then sat down for his explanation of what he could do for us, how the work would be performed, and what the realistic results would be. The estimate was not the cheapest nor the most expensive of the four we received. The project took 3 days, as agreed. The gentlemen were always on time or early to star their day. They kept us informed every day as to their progress. We were told we probably would not get the garage back to its original position but that they would try to get close and that is exactly what happened. W did have a small issue when the garage was lifted back into place but it was addressed and resolved immediately. I would recommend and use them again!

Celestine M. - University City, MO 63130

Foundation Repair

It has been ten years and the slab is still stable.

Laura A. - St. Louis, MO 63021

Foundation Repair

The contractor, salesperson, and crew were timely, knowledgable, and professional and knew their stuff. During excavation for the piers, it became evident that we did not have a normal Foundation. But rather a stair-stepped foundation require more work than originally determined. Upon conferring with the company owner, we decided to go ahead and increase the contract price for the additional 5 to 7 workdays that it would take to navigate through all of the additional excavation of concrete in a patio are as well as a sidewalk there was stair-stepped Foundation. The work was completed professional and clean up, including pouring new concrete where the patio piers and sidewalk piers had been placed, was done exceptionally well. We would recommend Mid-America Pearing again based on what we know now.

Kathie C. - Kirkwood, MO 63122

Foundation Settlement Repair

I coordinated working with Steve on my mother in laws house that had a sinking wall and foundation. We called four companies and got repair estimates. The two big name outfits were so high pressure I had to toss one guy out. Steve was great work with. He took time and really explained all the options and knew he was dealing with an elderly homeowner. The price was fair. The reputation on bbb was great and references all worked out.

Joe F. - St Louis, MO 63116

Bowed Wall Repair

I wanted to let you know that the work recently completed by Mid America Piering of St. Louis on our basement wall is professional and I have full confidence that I will never have to deal with the issues I had, ever again. The individuals who did the work were competent, courteous and their work lived up to our expectations.
I appreciate your help as well. The work was scheduled quickly and work began just as you had promised. I would recommend Mid America to anyone facing a basement wall that was cracked, leaking, leaning or any other issue without hesitation.

Steve C. - Kirkwood, MO 63122

Foundation Repair

Mid America Piering did a wonderful job. I had to get two corners of my house worked on and the crew was prompt, hardworking and answered all of my questions. I recommend Mid America Piering.

Susan T. - University City, MO 63130

Basement Waterproofing

Thanks again for all you did for us!
We were very thorough in our search for a foundation repair company and were pleased with the decision to go with Mid-America Piering. Their entire staff was extremely professional, their pricing was fair, they completed the job efficiently (despite some unexpected surprises), and the clean-up was spectacular. We would certainly choose Mid-America Piering in the future for any additional waterproofing and foundation needs.

Paul K - University City, MO 63130

Basement Waterproofing

The team worked incredibly hard for 4 solid days. installing a drainage system in my large basement. They were professional, clean, friendly, and hard working. I really couldn’t be more happy with, the price of their service and the quality of their work.
Thank you!

Chris R. - Bridgeton, MO 63044

Foundation Repair

I recently hired Mid America Piering to fix my foundation. From the initial consultation to the completion of the job, I was thoroughly impressed with this company. The team was knowledgeable and courteous throughout the entire process. During the first consultation, they thoroughly examined the problems and provided a detailed explanation of the repair process. They also provided several options and helped me choose the best one for my budget and needs. The repair was completed on time and the team made sure to keep the area clean to the best ability throughout the process. They were also very respectful of my property and ensuring no damage was done to my surrounding landscaping. After the repair work was finished, they made sure that I was completely satisfied with the job and answered all of my questions. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of the repair. Overall, I would highly recommend Mid America Piering to anyone in need of foundation repair. They are a top-notch company who truly cares about their customers and delivering high quality work.

Ben - Manchester, MO 63021

Foundation Settlement Repair

5 stars all the way.
We had gotten bids from 4 companies. Mid America piering was the only one that came up with the same plan as what the structural engineer recommended (without seeing the structural engineers plan). They were out there in the coldest part of winter completing the work. They were professional, hardworking, and they got the job done in the amount of time they said they would. Also, I didn’t feel like I was overpaying.
The addition to my building had separated from the original building and after they were done you can’t tell anything was even wrong. Definitely would hire them again.

Dr. M.B. - St. Louis, MO 63116

Foundation Repair in Bridgeton, MO

I want to take a moment and thank Rick for being extra kind and giving us a senior discount when you did the foundation piering work at our home. We have lived in Bridgeton for 50 years and so it was quite a shock to see how much foundation repair costs are. Even with your discount we really had to be careful as we have a fixed income to live on each month. The boys who did the piering work were very courteous and cleaned up real good. Thank you so much.

Mary And Gene G - Bridgeton, MO 63044

Basement Waterproofing in Saint Louis, MO

It looks great after the basement waterproofing was done. Very courteous and friendly!

Ron K - Saint Louis, MO 63131

Bowed Wall Repair in Saint Charles, MO

My basement walls were cracked and one was bowed in about a foot. I thought we were going to have to jack up the whole house and replace the foundation. Thanks for being so honest and just doing the wall stress bracing system. We called on 5 different foundation firms before you came recommended by our neighbor. Good work, great crew.

Tammy S. - Saint Charles, MO 63301

Waterproofing in Saint Louis, MO

A previous company tried for several months to fix the cracks and still were not successful. Mid American Piering came and sealed everything up on a few hours.Great work. Would highly recommend them if anyone with basement leakage problems.

Kenneth And Cynthia L - Saint Louis, MO 63141

Foundation Piers in Saint Charles, MO

Mid America installed 12 piers and got our home back to level. Your piering crew really worked hard and appreciate you helping us out with finding financing. Anyone in St. Charles needing foundation repair should talk with your owner Rick…

Virginia M - Saint Charles, MO 63301

Basement Waterproofing in Saint Louis, MO

Your bid to fix our wet basement and crawl space was about 30% less the big waterproofers we see on TV and the radio. Dealing with the owner was a nice touch as well. We try to support family owned firms and feel that the waterproofing installation was just fine. It has rained really hard about 3 times and the system is working great.

Darlene K - Saint Louis, MO 63123

Sump Pump in Saint Louis, MO

We had a drain tile and sump system installed to stop the leaky basement water problem. It has been almost 4 months and our basement is as dry with every rain. Thanks…

Teri F - Saint Louis, MO 63135

Bowed Wall Repair in Saint Charles, MO

We really appreciate your patience. When our new home started to settle and the basement walls began bowing we thought our home was ruined for good. Your staff was courteous and we will recommend Mid-America Piering to anyone who needs foundation repair work done. You can use us as a reference.

Tom And Lisa G - Saint Charles, MO 63303

Foundation Repair in Saint Louis, MO

I’m very satisfied with the foundation repair job. The people working for the company are superb. Your crew did clean work with the piering. A sinking house is a terrible thing. Overall a very good experience.

Mary L - Saint Louis, MO 63122

Waterproofing in Saint Peters, MO

It has now been over a year since I had my basement waterproofed by Mid America. There are no leaks and the job was done well the first time. I will use them again in the future.

Daniel H - Saint Peters, MO 63376

Crawl Space Repair in Town And Country, MO

We are very satisfied with the crawl space job. Troy and his crew were very courteous and informative. They were very clean when they worked. The basement is 100% better. There is no water or odors. Our new sump pump works great every time it rains. They were friendly and did an excellent job keeping things clean.

Barry C - Town And Country, MO 63017